Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Early Baseball Season Injuries

Spring is officially here! That means baseball!  Many college, high school, and professional players  are gearing up for their seasons.  The beginning of the season is extremely important as players are coming back from their off seasons and jumping into baseball specific activities.  According to this study (Epidemiology of MLB Injuries), players are 10.6 times more likely to be injured in April than in September.  Cold weather, too many swings/throws, and improper off-season programming tends to lead to many of these injuries.  A proper training program that focuses on mobility can help better prepare players for the beginning of the season.

Many athletes in high school participate in more than one sport.  Jumping from one sport to another can lead to improper throwing or swing mechanics because their body has not been conditioned to taking hundreds of swings or long toss for pitchers.  

We want to engage our athletes in a rigorous training program, but also want to refine the sport specific movements like starting a throwing program in November, soft toss/tee work in December, and footwork/defensive focus in January.  Mixing these baseball specific movements along with weight and mobility training will help keep athletes healthy through out the length of the season.

Good luck this year!  Train hard and stay healthy! "Get better everyday!"

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