Monday, January 5, 2015

Tips for CrossFit Total

Tomorrow we are doing the CrossFit Total.  1 Rep Max in the Back Squat, Strict Press, and Dead lift.  We are performing all three lifts in one hour, so warm up is important. 15 minutes for stretch and warm up, 15 minutes to establish a max in the back squat, 15 minutes to work a heavy strict press, and lastly 15 minutes to find your heaviest dead lift.  Once you declare a starting weight you have three attempts to find your max in each lift.

You need to assess your current condition.  If you are on your 4th day in row or have been not working out much over the break, your current state will play a role in your lifts.   

Don't be stupid.  Keep it safe and remember that we train hard to perform at a high level.  If you injure yourself, you will not be able to train hard and not perform at a high level.  Be smart!

Have some sort of idea of your numbers before you get going. Know that the back squats will get you pretty warmed up for the press and dead lift. Save enough energy and limit number of warmups.

If you don't hit your expectations, don't get mad, get even.  Put in the extra work, go the extra mile, prove to yourself that you are better than last time.  We'll do it again in a few months and we'll see if you've been working...

We want to get some solid numbers at the beginning of the year to assess progress each quarter.

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