Monday, October 21, 2013

October Member of the Month!

Congrats to Ronak for being our October Member of the Month!  She has shown incredible consistency and the results are evident by her loss of 4% body fat over the last 4 weeks!  She brings her positive attitude and work ethic everyday!  Keep up the good work Ronak!

1    When did you join CrossFit Myo?
            I joined CrossFit in April of 2013

2    Why CrossFit? What kind of results have you seen from CrossFit?
            I had been working out with Blane for a bit over a year and he would throw in some CrossFit workouts into the routine here and there that were hard but I could see them being effective. Since I started working out with him I was able to see results; so when he told me about Myo, I thought how great would it be to workout with a bunch of coaches who believed in the same thing. And since the first day I’ve been noticing results and have been really enjoying it. Although, there are days that I absolutely hate the workout, I can see every workout changing my body. I’ve definitely noticed I’ve become a lot stronger, my body fat has gone down, and I can just see myself improving with the movements. 

3    Favorite and Least Favorite Exercises?
            LOVE LOVE LOVE Dead lifts.
            Hate the rowing machines! 

4    Favorite Healthy Meal?
            I love breakfast food and sometimes eat it for dinner. I’ll make an egg white omelette with onions, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and top it with a piece of avocado and sriracha.

5    Profession and hobbies?
            Registered Nurse. I’ve recently started to running. Going to Napa and SF with my friends,  baking, napping, hanging out with my dog, being outdoors, and planning where I can travel to next.

6    Short term and long term CrossFit Goals (Be Specific)
            Short Term: To able to do handstand pushups when they’re in WODs within the next 2-3 months
            Long Term: Be able to do at least 1 pull-up in the next year.

7    Fun Fact about yourself.
            In high school I got into a freak car accident that shouldn’t have survived, but I came out with only a broken jaw. The entire left side of my jaw is metal plates.


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