Saturday, April 27, 2013

4.27.13 Klepto

WOD: The Klepto 

Skill:  DLHP 5x5

4 Rounds for time.
27 Box Jumps (24")
20 Burpees
11 Dead lift High Pulls (135#/65#)
5 Sit Up, Stand Ups

Tip of the Day:  Never skip meals.  Most people believe that eating more leads to gaining more.  The fact is that eating more of the right foods at the right times can have great health benefits.  Never skip breakfast; and make sure each meal is packed with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

Lindsay Z. - 20:09
Jeff - 22:49
Jenn - 21:12
Tim - 22:44
Kaela - 30:08
Sean L. - 29:39
Rich - 19:38 Rx
Jason G. - 31:07 Rx

Eat well, stretch frequently, and get some sleep! See you next week!

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