Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Here is a link to an article written by Tyrell Mara that dives into the prescribed weight conundrum.  Is it really worth the extra weight to compromise technique and pace of the work out?  Our approach has always been about form and when you are ready for prescribed weight you can give it a go.  Everyone is different, some have had lots of experience and others are just starting out.  Some get there quicker than others, but one thing remains the same in our instruction and that is position and technique. Weight will come with a solid foundation...

If you look at pictures of the best Oly lifters in the world their technique is exactly the same whether there is 50 pounds on the bar or if there were 400 pounds on the bar.  Technique always trumps weight!

Pulling themselves under the bar during the clean...
Photo from hookgrip.

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