Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5.27.13 Memorial

WOD: The Memorial

Skill: Back Squat (build to 1RM) or Max Air Squats Unbroken, Max Strict Push Ups Unbroken

2 Rounds for time.
Farmer Walk to fence & back (70#/50#)
40 Air Squats
30 Spider Crawls
20 Jumping Pull Ups
10 X-Fit Push Ups

Tip of the Day: Don't be too proud to scale!  Scaling is a very important for of CrossFit programming.  It is very individualized and instrumental in learning your body's limits.  "Smarter, not harder."

Cindy - 108 AS/20 PU's/8:07
Diana - 110 AS/17 PU's/8:51
Jenna - 205#(PR)/14 PU's/11:41 Rx+
Jenn - 135# (PR)/14 PU's/10:03
Ronak - 125#(PR)/39 PU's/8:42
Lindsay Z. - 115# (PR)/49 PU's/7:25
Stephanie - 120# (PR)/43 PU's/8:37
Corretta - 145#(PR)/40 PU's/9:11
Jason G. - 295#(PR)/44 PU's/9:52
Eric Sr. - 19:43
Fernando - 305# (PR)/65 PU's/9:26 Rx
Mark - 275# (PR)/41 PU's/10:32 Rx
Kaela - 80 AS/22 Push Ups/9:28
Tim - 160 AS/50 PU's/7:53

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekends!  Lets put up some good numbers during PR week!

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