Monday, March 9, 2015

Advanced Weightlifting Classes

Advanced Weightlifting Class Description

            This class is for individuals with a special interest in focusing on weightlifting.  The main components of this program will be

1) Optimizing lifting range of motion.

2) Improving Olympic lifting technique.

3) Increasing strength, power, speed, and stability. 

Participants in this class should have a minimum of 3 months CrossFit style weightlifting experience and or be proficient in the following movements:  Snatches, Cleans, Jerks, and Squatting.   The programming for this class will be directly inline with improving individual’s heavy lifts. 

            The Advanced weightlifting class is an expansion of the skills weightlifting section seen in our daily CF programming.   For those who are not yet ready but interested in participating, consistent attendance to CF class will develop the necessary skills to successfully merge the advanced weightlifting class with your weekly programming.  

Please contact blane@myoperformance if you have any questions regarding the class.

"Getting Better Every Day."

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